Heroine in the LCDP literature Series.

Character Form Template

Anna RivaEdit

Date this form was created: 6th January 2012

Full name of the character: Anna <blank> Riva

Reason / Meaning behind The name: <blank>

Nickname: <blank>

Reasons for Nickname: <blank>

Job: Special Field Agent

Physical AppearanceEdit

Age: 27

Eye Color: Blue Greenish

No glasses or Contacts

Hair Color: Black, Style: a little curly

Weight and Height: 124 Lbs & 5’4”


Color: White

Least: Any gloom color, she can’t stand anymore gloom.

Music: Swing Romantic

Least: any Negative Lyric and Feeling music.

Food: one particular Brand of Chocolate bar from her childhood.

Literature: <blank>

Expressions: <blank>

Expletives: “I’ll be damned”

Hobby: listening & reading random Ranting in Internet.


Cautious / daredevils? : a little to Cautious

Does she act the same alone as when with someone: Yes!

Habits: Bending in his left thumbnail when nervous or receive negative feeling

Drinks: Sometimes only when not in working.